You’re Engaged. Now what?

You’re Engaged. Now what?

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You just got engaged and you are so excited to start planning your wedding day! Before booking your venue, planner, or any of your vendors, we highly suggest taking a breath and getting some facts in order first. This way when you are ready to discuss your wedding day vision, all of your “ducks are in a row”. 

Guest List

Your guest count will literally dictate your wedding plans from start to finish. Your guest count helps you determine: the venue, centerpieces, food & beverage services, etc. So many booking factors revolve around your guest count that we highly suggest making an “invite list” before you even start to think about wedding bells. 

Where & When

We are not saying you need to exactly know where you want to get married or when, but having an idea in mind is totally helpful! Perhaps you were born and raised somewhere else, then it comes down to where (what state, country) will the wedding take place? A date can be more tricky. We tell all of our couples who have a dream date in mind to please have at least 2-3 backup dates. Having a month and a day of the week you prefer is normally the best way to go!


Yes, the dreaded topic of figuring out your wedding day budget. There are so many obvious reasons why this conversation needs to happen though before you dive into finding your “dream venue”.  When creating your budget we ask that you please do some homework first about your market so you understand the reality of what your wedding may actually cost. If you have no idea where to even start with this then this is reason #105 why you should hire a wedding planner. A professional consult who will tell you how it is and allocate the budget appropriately. 

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