This Yosemite Elopement Is A Dream For All Outdoor Brides!

This Yosemite Elopement Is A Dream For All Outdoor Brides!

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From James Tang Photography:

Ashley reached out to me in December of 2016 for a wedding photography session in Yosemite National Park. Instead of having a big wedding, Ashley and David are traveling and have their wedding photos taken at beautiful locations throughout the US like Arches National Park, Zion National Park, and Lake Tahoe just to name a few. Not only that Yosemite is a beautiful place, it happens to be my favorite location and I’m familiar with the area. We scheduled to meet at Yosemite Visitor Center, then head over to the base of Lower Yosemite Falls, then to Glacier Point, back to Tunnel View, then finally to Upper Yosemite Falls from the valley. Our trip to the locations was delayed due to unexpected road constructions and detours but we got a chance to talk about a lot of things.

Ashley and David are so easy to get along with and both are very fun. You can tell a lot about a couple by the way they interact with each other, and the interaction was very natural and effortless. You can tell that both are very much in love.

Well enough of this, below are some of my favorite from Ashley and David’s wedding elopement at Yosemite National Park. I had a lot of fun and hopefully the photos captured the beauty of Yosemite and the love that Ashley and David have for each other.